Drumline Essentials

Drumline Essentials

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This is the book that I wish I had when I started learning about percussion. I've taken all my years of experience and put them into this book. Of course this book has exercises, but I've also included extensive text describing why each exercise is important, what the history of each exercise is and how the exercise should be approached. I've also included information about how to practice, how to approach an audition and what kind of gear all percussionists should have from sticks to a drummer's took kit. 

This book has been a lifelong labor of love. It's the book I use for my own groups and it's an amazing tool. No student will have any doubts about what to practice if they have this book. It starts off with the fundamentals, and ends up with advanced rudimental material including a snare piece I wrote for RCC called M-Theory. 

I wrote this book so that any student who can play through all the exercises in the book, as described in the HOW sections, should have no problem auditioning for any top marching percussion group because all the exercises focus on pulse relationships and groove. 

It's exciting to see what's possible now with all the modern tools that are available, so I am taking the plunge and self-publishing this book!

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